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Barn Restaurant, Cider Bar & Goat Garden

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery... 

Over the years we have seen many weary eyes wake up to or return to our Exmoor campsite. We have attempted rectify this at Caffyns by creating a little oasis within a spacious converted stone barn allowing you to leave the cooking behind. 

At the Barn Cafe & Restaurant visitors and campers alike can enjoy a varied local three course menu of starters, main course & desserts washed down with local drinks (more on that later) at Exmoor's only cider bar.

Let us do the work while you put your feet up for a few hours by the wood burner, or watch the sun rise in the best beer garden in North Devon, and rest, relax and recover.

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Our Menus

The Barn Cafe & Restaurant is open and serving freshly-made hot food full of local ingredients all day every day on our North Devon campsite. Breakfast service begins at 8:30am and runs until 11am while the daytime lunch and evening dinner menus run until late along with the cider bar. Visitors & campers welcome. Click to enlarge.

Barn Cafe | Exmoor Coast Holidays at Caffyns Farm
The Big Barn Breakfast | Exmoor Coast Holidays at Caffyns Farm
Barn Cafe | Exmoor Coast Holidays at Caffyns Farm

The Cider Bar ...🍻 

Now we're talking! Welcome to the only cider bar in Exmoor located on our Devon campsite. With our on-site orchard barely a stone's through away, enjoy our homegrown authentic Exmoor Cider in both sweet and scrumpy varieties. Such is the extent of our cider obsession that our sweet nectar can sometimes spread into the high quality food from our Exmoor eatery aka. Cider Battered Fish & Chips! 

For those which our cider is not enough we have a wide selection of other drinks, with numerous largers, ales, wines, gins, rums, vodkas, whiskies and soft drinks available!  Serving up until 11pm, you have more than enough time to work through each beverage we offer and tell us your favoured one. We're confident we already know the answer... Exmoor Cider!!

The Goat Garden...


Dine with the kings of the farm

A newer addition to our campsite is the Caffyns Goat Garden. 

Are you bored of eating with friends and family? Grab a bag of 'goatmeal' from the bar and head to the goat garden to feed goats. They love a good petting too so let the selfie snapping and jumper munching commence!


Defend yourselves from friendly goat fire

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