Exmoor Cider

An apple a day...?

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The taste of Exmoor...

While all other earnest pursuits around Caffyns can lead you to new sights, sounds, smells and feelings our homegrown cider can provide you with the final piece of the jigsaw. 

Newbies to the industry in 2015, we have steadily been building our orchard and cider knowledge since to give you the authentic and scrumptious sip of Exmoor that keeps bringing you back today.

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Exmoor Cider | Exmoor Coast Holidays at Caffyns Farm

Freshly Picked in October time

Freshy picked in October time

Our varieties...

Throughout the last 6 years we have slowly been crafting our cider and have developed it into two quintessential varieties to meet every palate's needs. These, along with our new Apple Cider Vinegar, are available both onsite and in the Caffyns Store.

Exmoor Cider | Exmoor Coast Holidays at Caffyns Farm

Grown on Exmoor

Grown on Exmoor

The Original Exmoor Scrumpy

This cider is as natural as it gets. Free from sweeteners or additives of any kind and fermented the age old way, what results is a purer and stronger still cider. Resting at percentage of 6.5% - 7% ABV, this beverage is not for the faint hearted and is usually consumed by more experienced, or professional, cider drinkers. 

The Exmoor Favourite

A more standard cider with a smoother finish, this beverage is most people's go to when choosing their flavour of choice. While made of apples from the same orchard, these fruits undergo a different journey being pasteurised and sweetened with a small amount of sugar to ensure a softer sparkling taste at around 4.5% ABV. 

Exmoor Cider | Exmoor Coast Holidays at Caffyns Farm

Taste of Exmoor

Taste of Exmoor

The Orchard...

With 3000 trees planted in a prime 12 acre position located just off the South West Coast Path overlooking both the Valley of the Rocks and the Bristol Channel, our orchard is the perfect stop for a relaxing break or an afternoon picnic.

Those wanting to understand the cider process can get involved in our cider experience days from picking apples to taking advantage of our traditional cider mill and press to create their own cider.

Exmoor cider| Exmoor Coast Holidays at Caffyns Farm